Studio A

Live Room

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The Live Room aims to give clients a comfortable, spacious and airy environment to perform in. It features an electronically adjustable ‘Drumbrella’ and a large log wall which lends itself perfectly to recording drums.

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The Library

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The Library draws it influence from early English manor houses. With a clear line of sight to the mixing console, it is ideal for vocals. Tie-lines through to both the control room and live room also make it the perfect place for bass or guitar amps, allowing players to be together in the same room whilst minimising bleed between instruments.

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Control Room

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Designed and built to the highest standards, the control room is as equally suited to mixing as it is to recording. Centred around a 36 channel Audient ASP8024 console, with 24 channels of vintage Neve mic amps, Radar converters and a large collection of outboard equipment. 

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